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About Marlo

I became an addict in the third grade.


I was addicted to people-pleasing, worry, doubt, guilt, fear, and shame. And it continued through middle school – the years where we’re all trying to find our way. Where social boundaries are tested and you either find your grit, or you don’t.


Looking back, I realize that many women give their power away early on, and may carry on for many years with limited beliefs, such as, “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m not qualified to do that.” Sound familiar? We stifle our magnificence…and our potential.


I always wanted to find a way to help women find their voice, and remove the roadblocks that keep them from their dreams. In other words, empower them. (And sprinkle in a little light and laughter to keep it real.)


I started by coaching and mentoring young women competing in the Miss America Scholarship program -- for 30 years. More recently, I became a Certified Master Empowerment Coach, a keynote speaker, and an award-winning comedian. I’ve spoken at women conferences, churches, marketing events, Boss Babes, Gilda’s Club, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Club, S.H.E. Con, and the Christian Comedy Association national conference. My goal on stage is to share insights that help us see things differently.


And last but certainly not least, there’s my faith. It is the driving force behind everything I am, both professionally and personally.


Ready to carve your path forward? Book your discovery session today and let’s get you in motion. You may not be able to get yesterday back, but I promise that getting started today feels really good!

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Marlo lives in Michigan along with her husband David and their 6 children.

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