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“I coach with stories and empowerment techniques that help women overcome the thoughts that make us want to quit or keep us from trying.

I inspire with comedy to help women laugh about the things that make us want to cry.”  


-Marlo Rutz

God Sprinkles - By Marlo Rutz

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Have you ever found yourself saying, “Did that really happen?“ or, “Well, that was a coincidence.“ In this funny, heartfelt collection of stories, God Sprinkles, Marlo Rutz takes you on a journey in her own life with moments just like these.

Maybe you are not a believer in Christ. Yep, she gets it. That was her, too, many years ago. She understands what it’s like to question God and our relationships with Jesus. In these captivating and heartwarming stories, she shares how her faith journey began. Learn how God met her right where she was in her broken moments and began to show her the difference between religion and a relationship with Him. He is always in the details. You’ll find Him in everyday life, where He reveals His divine presence.

This collection of stories are little blankets of warmth, reminding you that God is listening and leading, even when you don’t think He is.

So cozy up and grab a cupcake. If it’s sprinkles you’re looking for, this book has you covered!

Making A Difference!

"Many thanks to Marlo for bringing tons of energy to our International Women’s Day initiative. She delivered a personal, pointed message reminding us to make time to focus on our personal trajectories. Someone from the virtual crowd commented, “The strongest woman I’ve ever heard in my life!”

Melinda Yaklin

VP, Corporate Communications

Terumo Cardiovascular

"Who knew God would use Marlo to save my son. He clung to her words like a life jacket. She spoke into the soul of a person that most cannot reach."

Joyce Sankey

Home School Mother of 4 and Comedian

"Marlo provides uplifting encouragement to women of all ages.  She guides us in recognizing our own 'true beauty' through creative and spirited activities and conversations."

Erica McNeely

Gilda's Club

Programs Director

"Marlo loves how the Lord moves in women's lives! She is a wonderful vessel of His, in that she shares through her writings and humor how the Lord has called herself and other women to be at their best! She brings inspiration and its refreshing!"

Michelle Des Jardins

Women's Event Coordinator 

"Marlo provided our audience with incredible growth. The women in our audience did not want to leave because of her. Marlo is one of the best speakers I have experienced. She took the uncomfortable topics that women want to push under the rug and shed a comical and empowered light on them."

Kelsey Britton

Boss Babes

Event Coordinator

"I felt like I was chipping away at empowerment

issues with an ice pick. After working with Marlo, I now feel like I have a pickaxe."

Michelle S.

Coaching Client

"The Christian Comedy Association is a better organization because of Marlo's W.A.K.E. U.P. presentation."

Rik Roberts

C.C.A. President

"Funny, poignant and engaging, Marlo Rutz has the ability to captivate an audience.  She inspires us to go on a journey with her to look for “our true beauty.”

Vicki Kloosterhouse, PhD

Empower Women Leaders

Programs Director

"Marlo connected with every woman in the room. Her engaging humor, coupled with real life experiences, was a celebration to women. Marlo delivers a breath of fresh air to what it means to be a woman in this era."

Rocio Ramos

Live The Life You Want

Event Coordinator

"Marlo's enthusiasm, passion and important message was clearly conveyed in an age appropriate manner. Our school is looking forward to having her out again next year to impact even more of our girls!"

Jennifer Hollander

School Social Worker

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